About Us

talkSAINTS was founded in June 2012 by a passionate fan, initially starting out as a singular Twitter account with the intention to engage with Southampton FC fans. Subsequently, expanding across all social media platforms now averaging over 2 million monthly impressions. Today with an article team exceeding fifteen highly talented writers, a dedicated graphic designer and podcasters, the talkSAINTS team aims to further produce the highest quality and compelling content ‘For The Fans, By The Fans’.

We aim to offer a global platform accessible to all Southampton FC fans to express opinions, engage and build relationships within the community. We are continuously exploring new avenues to provide thrilling and unique content to our audience and are constantly seeking new and passionate contributors to the team!

At present, the site covers all thing Southampton FC including transfer news, gossip and team analysis through articles, video and podcast content while also delving into the world of e-sports’ Fantasy Premier League, Football Manager and FIFA.

talkSAINTS | For The Fans, By The Fans!

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